Pada tengahari tadi (waktu tempatan) telah berlangsungnya sidang media untuk filem sains fiksyen terbaharu arahan Zack Snyder untuk Netflix, bertajuk Rebel Moon. Dipecahkan kepada dua bahagian, bahagian pertama diberi tajuk Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire.

Saksikan treler filem Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire di bawah:

Antara yang membuat kemunculan dalam sidang media filem Rebel Moon berkenaan adalah seperti Zack Snyder (penulis, penerbit dan pengarah), Deborah Snyder (penerbit), Sofia Boutella (melakonkan watak Kora), Bae Doona (melakonkan watak Nemesis) dan Ed Skrein (melakonkan watak Admiral Atticus Noble).

Sinopsis rasmi filem Rebel Moon adalah seperti berikut:

From Zack Snyder, the filmmaker behind 300, Man of Steel, and Army of the Dead, comes REBEL MOON, an epic science-fantasy event decades in the making. When a peaceful colony on the edge of a galaxy finds itself threatened by the armies of a tyrannical ruling force, Kora (Sofia Boutella), a mysterious stranger living among the villagers, becomes their best hope for survival. Tasked with finding trained fighters who will unite with her in making an impossible stand against the Mother World, Kora assembles a small band of warriors — outsiders, insurgents, peasants and orphans of war from different worlds who share a common need for redemption and revenge. As the shadow of an entire Realm bears down on the unlikeliest of moons, a battle over the fate of a galaxy is waged, and in the process, a new army of heroes is formed.

BERKAITAN: Filem Rebel Moon Arahan Zack Snyder Dipecahkan Kepada Dua Bahagian

Dipecahkan kepada dua bahagian, bahagian pertama diberi tajuk Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire akan mula boleh distrim di Netflix mulai 22 Disember 2023. Manakala bahagian kedua filem berkenaan, iaitu Rebel One - Part Two: The Scargiver dijadualkan untuk tayangan di Netflix pada 19 April 2024.

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