Les' Copaque Menerima Youtube Diamond Play Button Untuk Malaysia

Dalam satu perkongsian di Twitter rasmi mereka, syarikat penerbitan siri animasi, Les' Copaque Production mengumumkan yang mereka telah menerima YouTube Diamond Play Button pertama untuk Malaysia oleh syarikat Google sempena mencecah 10 juta subscribers

Les' Copaque turut berkongsikan isi kandungan surat dari Google seperti di bawah:

Dear Les' Copaque Production, At a hundred thousand, we thought; Not Bad. That's a healthy new channel. At one million, we thought; Wow, this creator's pretty awesome. But 10 million? At this point we're actually scratching our heads. How on earth did you do that? 10 million subscribers isn't just a lot of people, it's more than the entire population of New York City! 

The fact is, you're no longer just a great channel. You're a movement. You've clearly touched a nerve in the world, and you've found a legion of fans who expect - and receive - great things from you. 

We hope you'll accept this Diamond Creator Award as a token of our appreciation, & our respect for what you've accomplished. You amaze us and inspire us every day. Keep it coming. 

Yours sincerely, 

Susan Wojcicki, 
CEO, YouTube

Sudah tentunya ini pencapaian yang amat membanggakan untuk Les' Copaque Production, yang telah diasaskan sejak tahun 2005 lagi.

Tahniah dari kami.


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